Across the continent, there is a common saying that children are the leaders. At Frontiers Africa, we stand by this, however, we do not believe that child automatically grow up to become leaders without being taught how to. Although our continent is in dire need of transformational leadership, leadership education programs are scarce in the mainstream educational curriculum. Frontiers Africa is filling this leadership education gap through leadership education programs for teens and pre-teens.

These programs are designed to reach students in primary and secondary schools across Africa. The program covers age-appropriate leadership education training. The teaching curriculum includes global citizenship education covering topics on civics, history, human rights, public policy, advocacy and social entrepreneurship. The students are also introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals using classroom teaching and encouraging student-led community projects.


Many young people across the continent have developed apathy towards challenges in the continent. We believe strongly that young people are the strength and the future of Africa and to achieve transformation, young people have to be fully engaged in the process, lending their voice and taking collective action. The conversation cafés provide an opportunity to spark this conversation, get information, build interests and form alliances.

Frontiers Africa conversation cafes are designed to be informal conversation spaces where young people can gather to deliberate about contemporary social issues facing the African continent and their respective countries. The Cafes are designed for learning and mobilising for social good.

The Cafés are styled informally as opposed to formal conference environments to allow for maximum participation and free communication. The Cafes encourages peer-to-peer learning. The Cafes are usually hosted in student communities in tertiary institutions.


The Webinars are online learning series hosted on social media platforms. The topics span from sustainable development education to social policy, healthcare, international relations, non-profit management to professional development.

 At Frontiers Africa, we recognize that it is important for us to take transformational African conversations to social media because this is the primary platform that young people engage on for learning and interaction. Social media is also a major tool of influence today.

In promoting Africa’s development there is a need for integration and collective action. The internet provides leverage and a platform for African youth which was not available to previous generations.

 The webinars feature diverse speakers from across the continent as well as a dynamic audience from different countries. It provides a platform for cross-national learning and connection.