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Leadership continues to be a major challenge on the African continent. The effect of this leadership gap has been multidimensional resulting in continent-wide extreme poverty, armed conflict and insecurity, poor educational systems and crumbling healthcare to mention a few. We are a group of young impatient optimists led by Ife Agboola who can’t wait see change happen on the African continent.

What keeps us up at night is our dream of a healthy, peaceful and prosperous continent where every person can fully actualise their potential. We’re doing this by inspiring, educating and connecting young Africans across the continent who would be drivers of transformation using community outreaches, school programs, conversations cafés and social media. You can learn more about our programmes here.

This is because we believe that leaders make all the difference and everyone person has the ability to lead and influence. Our goal is to inspire and equip with a sense of leadership, ownership and responsibility in young Africans. We understand that that mission to transform Africa is a lofty one and we cannot do this alone. We’re looking to collaborate with governments, nonprofits and individuals to make this change happen!


We are on a mission to inspire, equip and connect young leaders who would drive transformation across the African continent.


We envision a healthy, peaceful and prosperous Africa, where every single person can fully actualise their potential.


Africa remains the poorest continent in the world with weak institutions: failing healthcare systems, poor educational outcomes and lacking infrastructural systems. Although these problems are diverse, there is one common connecting line, poor leadership systems. We believe strongly that these challenges are solvable by creating better leadership systems.

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