We are transforming Africa by raising the next generation of changemakers.

Seeing how a few leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, just one or two people who could transform an entire country like South Africa; I believe that if we can find more young people like that and develop them into significant leaders, we can really transform the continent.- Fred Swaniker

We envision a peaceful, prosperous and healthy Africa; A place where every single person can fully actualize their potential. Excellent leadership can make this happen.  We are on a mission to inspire, equip and connect young leaders who would drive transformation across the African continent.

Our Programs

Across the continent, there is a common saying that children are the leaders. At Frontiers Africa, we
stand by this, however, we do not believe that child automatically grow up to become leaders without
being taught how to. Although our continent is in dire need of transformational leadership, leadership
education programs are scarce in the mainstream educational curriculum. Frontiers Africa is filling this
leadership education gap through leadership education programs for teens and pre-teens.

Frontiers Africa conversation cafes are designed to be informal conversation spaces where young people
can gather to deliberate about contemporary social issues facing the African continent and their
respective countries. The Cafes are designed for learning and mobilising for social good.

At Frontiers Africa, we recognize that it is important for us to take transformational African
conversations to social media because this is the primary platform that young people engage on for
learning and interaction. Social media is also a major tool of influence today.


“People say, ‘What is the sense of our small effort?’ They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.” -Dorothy Day




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We are on a mission to inspire, equip and connect young leaders who would drive transformation across the African continent.